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Carmen Willey has been an integral and inspiring part of the Canyon Lake Art Guild for many years. She is a supportive and energetic member who is a stellar artist! She sets an example for all of us to strive to be the best we can be and to keep going! She has won numerous awards not only at the Art Guild Shows but all over Texas. She is a founding member of the Ft. Bend County Museum Association. A recent event honored all of the original founders; represented by family members. Carmen really got the royal treatment because she is the only living founder. She will be 99 on May 9, 2017.

Canyon Lake Art Guild Artist art varies in mediums. Their art ranges from Oil, Acrylic, Photography, Graphic Art, Encaustics, Sculprute, Pottery, Wearable Art (Jewelry, Hand painted clothing), Callage, Mixed media, Stained Glass and Fused Glass.

Age of the artist range from early 20s to 99.
Their art is on display in a number of venues around Canyon Lake,
New Braunfels and Wimberly.
Their works can be seen in galleries and museums.

Artist Introduction

From an early age, Carol Walker Bryant knew art was a part of her soul. Winning carol_bryanther first art contest at the age of six,
Bryant followed her dream and has continued to fan the flames for her passion and pursuit of art! Receiving her degree in commercial art in 1991, and minoring in Fine Art, Carol has since been painting, sculpting and creating unique and diverse styles of art. From oils, pastels, watercolor, acrylic, collage, encaustic, Ink & Gouache, and clay in addition to photography, Bryant has successfully triumphed over each medium winning critical acclaim and awards locally as well as in regional competitions.

Grateful for all the joy and acclaim she has received through her God-given talents and opportunities, she shares those
talents by teaching. Carol delights in seeing her students earn honors, awards and recognition and celebrates the joy of art with each of them! Bryant is past president of the Austin Palette Club and Canyon Lake Art Guild and has coordinated various art shows.

Carol Walker Bryant was awarded 1st place By Texas Association of Autors in
Children's Cookbook Category




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Kevin Murphy, a retired teacher, is an avid fisherman. He makes his flys, which in itself is a wonderful art form. He is a master potter and print maker as well as noted photographer.


The 2016 Scholarship Committee wishes to thank its judges (Julie Bradl, Nancy Swift,
& Sherry Haynes) for their time, knowledge, interest, questions, and commitment to interviewing, judging, and selecting upon scoring, ALL FOUR applicants for monetary awards! When you have three judges scoring all applicants near 90's & 100's, you know you have cream-of-crop talent at Canyon Lake!! These four young women will not only show us their talent @ the May 11th meeting, they also get a chance to inspire each other with those very mature ideas & talents. They have been awarded as follows (due to the generosity of our CLAG Board & CLAG's members:
Emily O'Brien.........$1,000 Scholarship
Riley O'Sullivan.....$1,000 Scholarship
Kathryn Tidwell......$200 Stipend
Alison Andrews.......$200 Stipend
Congratulations to the Recipients, the High Schools & their Art Teachers, and the Judges.
Canyon Lake Art Guild is proud and honored to support the Art Education in such
talented young artist.

Canyon Lake Art Guild has published it first Fine Arts Book click on link below to view the art.

Best of the Hill Country Artists
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Library Art Display 1st Quater

Canyon Lake Art Guild, established in 1984, is a non-profit organization, a creative, ongoing presence in the community supporting local charities. Each year the Art Guild proudly awards an art scholarship to a graduating high school senior.