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Artist Introduction


Canyon Lake Art Guild's first highlighted artist is also the eldest member of the Guild. Carmen Willey's positive sunny personality and eagerness to support other artists is inspiring. At 98 years young, her accomplishments are numerous. Her journey in art started in the 8th grade when she started lessons. Later Carmen studied art at the Museum of Fine Art in Houston. 
Carmen stated, "I gleaned everything from my variety of teachers and arrived at my own colors and method of painting." 
railwayCarmen, with her friend Darby, started the the Fort Bend County Art League in 1957. Carmen began sketching and painting historic homes and sites around the courthouse and received commissions for her watercolors of various historical sites.
On September 11, 2011 the Fort Bend Museum presented a special show of the works of Carmen Willey. Fort Bend County has recognized her for the sketches and watercolor paintings of historical sites around the County; many of which are no longer standing. Carmen gave private art lessons to many Fort Bend County children through-out the years. She was very active in that community, particularly with the Fort Bend Museum and the art department of the Fort Bend County Fair. Many of Carmen’s works are housed in the Fort Bend County Museum.

Presently, Carmen's award winning work can be found on the Canyon Lake Art Guild website and in various venues around her home at Canyon Lake. She continues to pursue her passion with joy. Carmen's Gallery

Lonely Palms...........Oil

Boo .......................... Oil

Tejas Trails..............Watercolor


Jane Sharp: "Every Obstacle comes to you with a Gift in its hands." I got into photography almost by accident. My brother was in a coma from a small plane accident in San Diego years ago, so I flew from Illinois to see him. As I was leaving, I took a picture of my 8-year-old nephew and my sister-in-law in the airport, using my Instamatic Camera. Since they were standing in front of a huge, sunny window, the photo was so badly backlit, that all I got was a dark silhouette of them. I decided that I needed to learn how to take decent pictures. Since then, I have owned many cameras, and even had a full darkroom setup, but I now seem to get pretty good pictures with my cellphone camera. Everything happens for a reason, and I think God put me here so I could capture and share some of His most glorious sights with others. I hope I have done that."
More of Jane's work is coming soon to the Artist Gallery page.

The 2016 Scholarship Committee wishes to thank its judges (Julie Bradl, Nancy Swift,
& Sherry Haynes) for their time, knowledge, interest, questions, and commitment to interviewing, judging, and selecting upon scoring, ALL FOUR applicants for monetary awards! When you have three judges scoring all applicants near 90's & 100's, you know you have cream-of-crop talent at Canyon Lake!! These four young women will not only show us their talent @ the May 11th meeting, they also get a chance to inspire each other with those very mature ideas & talents. They have been awarded as follows (due to the generosity of our CLAG Board & CLAG's members:
Emily O'Brien.........$1,000 Scholarship
Riley O'Sullivan.....$1,000 Scholarship
Kathryn Tidwell......$200 Stipend
Alison Andrews.......$200 Stipend
Congratulations to the Recipients, the High Schools & their Art Teachers, and the Judges.
Canyon Lake Art Guild is proud and honored to support the Art Education in such
talented young artist.

Canyon Lake Art Guild has published it first Fine Arts Book click on link below to view the art.

Best of the Hill Country Artists
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Library Art Display 2st Quater

Canyon Lake Art Guild, established in 1984, is a non-profit organization, a creative, ongoing presence in the community supporting local charities. Each year the Art Guild proudly awards an art scholarship to a graduating high school senior.